Fraction Fun


From January 6th until March 6th my district math timeline specifies fractions standards be taught in third grade. I've been gathering ideas for my lessons, and decided I wanted to have some quick partner games as part of my lessons covering NF.1.

In my classroom, students sit at rectangular desks, two by two. I have them grouped with three desks put together into a large table. Having students work with their shoulder partners is a natural with this style of seating. I've been working on some mini matching games for them with the plan that I will use them as practice after instruction. With nine pairs of students I have printed and laminated a set for each pair. I have five different games, with just ten cards for each game. That way they work for quick practice or sets can be combined to make a larger game.

I'm sharing one of the games as a freebie; I'd love some feedback if you try it in your classroom. I intend to offer a larger set in my store very soon. Click the picture to download from Google Drive.

If these work well with my kiddos I'll be posting again with more. There's lots of fraction work to be done!

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