Four Top Posts From 2014 -- on the 4th!

Just for fun I thought I'd look back at 2014 for the top posts from my blog. Monday Made - It posts are always the winners, so I eliminated them and chose four others. In no particular order, I present:

(click on the pictures to go to the blog post)

This post on rounding, with a freebie tool that I made, got a lot of pageviews back in June. I hope your students have benefited from this as much as mine did.

This place value product update received a lot of attention back in May. I kept it as a freebie - if you missed it, check it out.

I was surprised to see how popular this little foldable idea was from last January! I chalk it up to the interest this year in interactive notebooks -- I use them for both science and math.

And finally, another post about interactive notebooking, also from January 2014. This came from my need to streamline some of our foldables so that students could do them without taking a whole class period!

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