Product Update: I Have, Who Has

I have finished my first product update and uploaded it to my TpT store. It is still a freebie. This "I Have, Who Has" game contains three sets of 12 cards for 1st - 4th grade practice. My third graders love to play these games and I have used all three card sets with them. Here is the brand new cover page:

Click the picture to download it from my store. If you are still in school (I have four more days) this might make a fun review during math class.


Ten Things For Summer

This linky sounded like fun, because with school finishing next week it's time to get serious about a list like this! These are in no particulary order, but hopefully I will do everything :)

First of all, I hope to have an amazing time on our Alaskan cruise! We fly to Seattle on July 4th and our cruise ship leaves July 6th. My husband's parents and his brother and wife are also going on the trip, so it will be a great time to be with family. We will be cruising with this guy and a few of his friends:

Take a Christian Cruise with Michael W. Smith & Friends - Christian Cruise to Alaska - July 6-13, 2014
Michael W. Smith

Alaska: A Distinctly Christian Cruise Experience

 I don't want to spend all summer on school stuff, but I will be doing three professional development workshops - one math, one science, one social studies. Hopefully it is time well spent. The math and science have a $100 stipend, and that will give me a little extra for back to school sales.

Slideshow Image 2

Last summer my grandchildren and I had a list of things to do and did quite a few of them. This year I'm hoping we can go to Chocolate Kingdom for a factory tour!

How To Make A Mason Jar Herb Garden

I want to try this! I bought jars yesterday so I just have to gather the inside materials. I've really never tried growing my own herbs and I don't have much of a green thumb, but here goes!

Lots and lots of reading! Hopefully including a major amount of pleasure reading and some professional reading. I don't have a list yet for pleasure, but I always have a few requests in at the local library. What I am not going to do this summer is read all the Sunshine State Young Readers Awards books as I have in the past few years. More reading for me!! I do have this book already and am looking forward to diving in:

I see a lot of people talking about the Divergent series, so I think I'll get the Kindle edition of book one and give it a try.

Time to catch up on some shows. I've been working my way through Covert Affairs (on the 4th season now) and have a full list on both streaming services. Need me some couch potato time!

Definitely going to work on my blog and my store! They always get neglected toward the end of the school year and I hope to get a bit better organized over the summer. I'm going to be updating some of my products, 'cause when I started I wasn't using ppt!

I'm not a big beach person, but this year I am determined to make a trip to Cocoa Beach. It's only an hour away, and the grandkids wanted to go last summer but never made it. 

I finished these two quilt tops awhile ago, but keep putting off finishing up the backing. One of the first things on my summer to-do list, plus work on current projects.

It's not very exciting, but lots of clean-up and fix-up projects at home! I tend to let most things slide during school :( The big thing is to take out a bunch of bushes on the side of our house and put in something pretty.



It's time for my giveaway celebrating two years of blogging! Please enter below to win this Scotch Personal Laminator. The winner will receive the laminator directly from Amazon.

Good luck, and thank you for following my blog!


Five For Friday

It's been awhile, so I had to comb through a backlog for this one! I have just 8 more days of school after today so wanted to get these pictures out before vacation!

(numbers from Graphics From The Pond)

In a fun role-reversal, I was able to take a day off to go with my granddaughter's class on their 4th grade field trip to Kennedy Space Center. I had not been there for several years, even though it is only about an hour from home. I really enjoyed seeing what was new! And the girls were very well-behaved and a pleasure to spend time with :)

Our leadership team decided to stay with our "The Places You'll Go" theme for next year. Staff voted on which quote to make our focus, and I was glad that the one I voted for won! I went ahead and ordered the wall art from Amazon, and put it up on my wall this week.

I have been organizing for next year like crazy! Tons of labels made and have packed up boxes for each of my science units AND the ones shown here -- my classroom library sorted by topic. I felt disorganized this year every time I needed something for a lesson, so hopefully this will take care of that problem.

My principal asked me to spend a day doing grade level meetings to explain how I tracked student progress this year, and how my students tracked their own progress. I have spruced up my data wall, tweaked my student data sheets, and am almost ready to present some ideas to them!

And finally, our 3rd grade trip to Legoland! This is our third year for this end-of-the-year field trip, and our students have such a good time! Check out our tie dye shirts! I think I shared about those in an earlier post. Every year I worry I won't have chaperones, but parents always seem to come through; I had 4 for my 17 students who went.



I am suspending my regularly scheduled Thursday math lit post for a special announcement!

Next week, May 27th to be exact, is the two year anniversary of my blog. I've been thinking about what I want to do to mark the day, and have decided to run a giveaway of my most favorite classroom tool.

Yep, my laminator is the one thing I can't do without. In fact, I own two -- one for home and one for school.

So, to celebrate, I will be giving away a Scotch Laminator to one lucky reader! Please stop by my blog on Monday (Happy Memorial Day!) to enter the giveaway. I will have the item shipped directly to you from Amazon when you win. I have Prime, so you will get it right away.

Good luck!

Math Lit: Hamster Champs

OK, I confess; I'm in love with Stuart J. Murphy's MathStart books! I promise I won't use them exclusively for my weekly math lit post, but it's hard to resist when I get a new one. Whenever I pull out a new one in class my students break out in applause -- they have gotten used to loving the story and illustrations (this one illustrated by Pedro Martin) AND talking about the math.

Here is a quick book trailer from YouTube:

The math concept presented in this book is measuring angles. The hamsters build a ramp and then race down a hill in a toy car for their stunt. By changing the angle, they try to get a bigger jump off the ramp -- this story is great for science class too! Right now we are reviewing and doing "get ready for fourth grade" lessons in math class. Murphy's books are great for revisiting concepts in a new way and I am finding that students are very much engaged by the story and excited to do an activity as a follow up. This book is a great springboard for building our own ramps or using catapults to explore what happens when we change the angle. If you don't have this text, you can click the Amazon link at the top of the page to check it. 

Math Lit:Perimeter, Area, and Volume


This week's math lit spotlight is on a new book I found this year. We used it in class this week and the kids really liked the story. Here is the amazon description:

This book is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for third-grade, fourth-grade, and fifth-grade mathematics in measurement and data: (3.MD. 5-8), (4.MD. 2-3), and (5.MD. 3-5). 

Grab your jumbo popcorn and 3-D glasses, because you're invited to the premiere of a 3-D movie! The star-studded cast of monsters will help you calculate the perimeter of the set, the area of the movie screen, and the volume of your popcorn box. Learning about dimensions has never been so entertaining.

Like other David Adler books we have read in class, the story hooks students' interest, and is full of math for us to discuss.Since we are now in the post-testing, prepare-for-fourth-grade part of our year, this book was  a great springboard to extend our learning. It comes with my students' recommendation! You can click on the picture above to find it at Amazon.


Monday Made It: May 5th

I have not been able to get my act together the last couple of months to get a made-it post written, so I am especially glad to link up with Tara this time! Here are some recent made-its:

Have you seen the salad in a jar pictures and recipes on Pinterest? I thought they would be perfect for a school lunch and finally got around to making some. 

I finished my latest quilt top a couple weeks ago. Have to go shopping for backing fabric, and then I think it is going to be shipped off to California for the 50th birthday of one of my sisters (if I can get it quilted in time). 

 This quilt is one I made blocks for in 2012. Finally put together, now I need to sew together the backing and it goes off for longarm quilting. This one is for my 4th grade granddaughter.

At school we made this great Earth Day projects. The earth is marble painted and I take photos of each student with the Lorax mustache to go in the middle. 

And finally, I made a small quilt that I actually kept for myself! My husband bought me this quilt rack years ago -- long before I took up quilting -- so I made this mini quilt (actually more a wall hanging size) to go on it.

Can't wait to see your made - its!

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