Fraction Foldable for Interactive Notebooks

We are working on this vocabulary during the upcoming week, so I made a template for this foldable. My students will choose a fraction to go on the inside and then write their definition of each word under the flap. These go in their interactive math notebooks.

Here is what the template looks like:

You can click the picture to download it. There are two pages, and when you print you will want to put both pages on one sheet of paper. Here is what the setting on your computer should look like:

Click the "Multiple" button and you will see them on one page. Easy!


Awards for Math Facts


My students have been so excited to work toward automaticity with their multiplication facts. We spent a lot of the fall working on learning strategies for multiplication, and I think that must come first. I don't want just rote memorization -- I want them to understand why the numbers work the way they do. However, to reach the goal of knowing the products by the end of this school year I promised them we would start working toward this when we returned from Christmas vacation.

I want to recognize them for the small steps along the way, so I made a set of brag tags that they can add to their math charm rings. Our math coach gives them a charm for achievement in MobyMax, the math software we are using this year in our math lab. I gave them little ball chains -- keychain size -- to hold their charms. They will add their brag tags to those.

The tags are a freebie available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. If you would like to use them, click the picture to go to my store.


Five For Friday: January 17th

Whoo - Hoo! Teacher Workday! I love having a day in my room to not only finish up report cards but also to organize. I have been shocked this year (since I thought I was fairly well organized) at how many things I couldn't find when I went looking :(

So, with just four days this week we were pretty busy. It was our Literacy Week, so lots of extra things going on for that; I'll share three of those:

Favorite books were chosen! Each class voted for their favorite and it was posted on our Media Center door. My class chose Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

We had Book Character dress up day. Here are some of my kids; note the boys as Greg from Wimpy Kid! The girl in the black dress is holding her tablet -- she is reading Romeo and Juliet on it and dressed up as Juliet.

Guest readers from various walks of life came to read a book -- and our principal announced that it was pajama day for everyone! My guest reader was the head of the Media and Instructional Technology department. He shared "Knots on a Counting Rope" with the kids.

I got to spend this past Saturday at this wonderful event -- Share Fair came to Orlando this year.


I attended sessions on Flipped Classrooms, Prezi (Death to Powerpoint) and a Math and Science session from the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning. I consider a conference a success if I get something from each session that I can use right away in my classroom -- and this one was a success.

We have learned a lot about maps during second quarter, so for our culminating project I had students make a 3D map of their neighborhood. Here are a couple great ones that came in:


Math Lit: Divide and Ride

In the story Divide and Ride eleven friends go to the carnival together. They find that to ride the rides they must divide up and fill up the seats. As you may guess, dividing 11 presents some challenges! 

With my 3rd grade class finishing our division lessons in early January, I wanted to use this book to take them to the next step - remainders. I put together a packet to use, which I have uploaded to my TPT store ($2). Click the picture below to take a look.

My students seemed to enjoy the activity, and the story. I took a few photos of them at work. In my packet I suggest having students solve the problems before you read the book to them. It went very well in my room. I had them work with their shoulder partners to solve the division for one of the four rides.

I printed out mats in black and white to try them out; my students were unanimously in favor of my printing in color and laminating. One girl told me that the color ones keep them interested :)

When I read the story to them, they were so pleased that the book had the same solutions that they had come to! 


Vocabulary for Interactive Math Notebooks

I want my kids to include vocabulary in their interactive math notebooks, but it's often a struggle to find time for them to complete foldables. I decided that if I want them to do the foldables maybe I should not try to have them do everything! That got me started on putting together some partially completed foldables so I can have them complete them and add to their notebooks.

I developed a template for the shutterfold foldable, which is one of my student's favorites. They have gotten very good at making them, but as I said they take a good bit of time to complete. My first one covers multiplication vocabulary. The definition is printed and students will need to write the vocabulary word on the front. I like to cut them in half -- they fit better in notebooks.

If you'd like to try this out for yourself, click here to download. It covers the following vocabulary words:
equal groups
Commutative Property of Multiplication
Identity Property of Multiplication
Zero Property of Multiplication
Distributive Property of Multiplication

Just make a two-sided copy and you students will easily fold and cut on the lines to make the foldable. Enjoy!


Five For Friday: January 10th

My first Five for the new year, since I couldn't get my act together during vacation to post one! These are some pictures from our first week back to school.

We made this little foldable to go in our Interactive Science Notebooks. Since it was the first time to do this folding, I made a template for them. Next time we do it all ourselves!

We started our multiplication facts 1 minute challenge! Kids are loving that they can earn a brag tag for successful completion of each. Easy facts first, of course, to build up their confidence.

I'm four weeks out from my first eye surgery and two weeks from the second. I wake up in the morning, and my eyesight is different from the day before! This is my collection of reading glasses in different strengths. I have to carry them all with me for whatever I need to see -- the students think it's crazy!

Science notebooks are going well so now I'm trying to develop my Interactive Math Notebooks. These are a couple little foldables I was playing with this week.

OK, so I know a lot of you were snowed in this week and had extra days off. Here in Central Florida we had a terrible cold snap also. It was on Tuesday, and temps were in the 30s and 40s. We just about froze -- had to get out socks to wear with our flip flops :)


Math Lit: Tally O'Malley

As a math teacher I always think I should link up with Collaboration Cuties' mentor texts for math -- but never do! This week I had just posted about this little find, so it seems the perfect time to do it.

The O'Malley family is heading for the beach. To while away the time, the kids play tally games -- first they each pick a color of car and tally how many they see for 20 minutes. Later they tally t-shirt colors while waiting in line. This book is a great introduction to or review of tally marks.

To extend the story, try some tally games with your class. This could be at school, or how about a home assignment or on the trip to or from school?

Have you used this book with your class? What fun activities did you do with it?

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