Happy New Year - Currently

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2015 will be your best year yet.

I have thought about writing blog posts all vacation, and thank goodness for Farley's Currently -- it's getting me moving :)

Listening: I have been enjoying Pandora this month!

Loving: I read a wonderful book called "Simplify" by Bill Hybels recently, and I decided to clean up and purge. I have made many trips with boxes full of items to donate. This afternoon I got the last closet done!

Thinking: I sketched out next week's lesson plans before we got out of school, but now I need to refine and also start planning for my formal eval.

Wanting: I'd love to get my current quilt finished, but I'm not going to have enough time :(

Needing: I don't like shopping at the mall -- I've avoided it for 2 - 3 years -- but one of my students gave me a gift card to Macy's for Christmas. I want to be able to tell him how I used it when we go back Monday.

Yes - I will continue to get healthier. I have not been eating as healthy this fall, but plan to get back on the wagon right away.

Maybe - I have looked into some possible other positions, including stepping out of the classroom for awhile. We'll see!

Wishing - I wish I would get my blogging act together!

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  1. Julie,
    A little jealous of you getting your house cleaned out! I need to use that as motivation! I'm thinking I will need to check out that book. I'm taking it - you would recommend it.
    I hope you meet all your goals!
    Happy New Year!

  2. I have a quilt to finish also! I have the front complete, but I need to put all the layers together. I used to have time and I was able to complete the things I loved more quickly.

  3. I could always use a little more vacation time, especially since I have barely looked at my lesson plans for next week - yikes! Happy New Year!

    Paiges of Learning


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