Pumpkin Cousins: An AIMS Activity Freebie

Clipart from Graphics From The Pond

I am a big fan of materials from AIMS for both math and science. If you are not familiar with their many resources, check out their website here. I follow the AIMS blog, and about a year ago there was a post which included a free activity for download. The post about relating multiplication and division can be found by clicking here. I highly recommend it!

Candy corn time is the perfect time for this activity. In third grade, it is also the time when students are working with multiplication and division. I started using this activity last year and found it a great way to practice "equipartitioning" or dividing into fair shares. This year I left it for my sub to use when I was out for a whole day. Both the sub and the students told me what a great activity it was. I used it myself last week for another group of third graders who I work with four days a week.

Click on "Grin and Share It" for a direct link to the free activity.

To make it simple for a substitute teacher, I made a set of task cards with the problems from the activity. If you would like to have a copy of my cards, click on the graphic below.

Do you use AIMS activities in your classroom?

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