Math Lit: A Three Hat Day

In "A Three Hat Day," Mr. Pottle collects all kinds of hats. Sometimes he wears more than one at a time; if he is sad he will sometimes wear two hats. On this day he is feeling very sad, so he wears three: a bathing hat, a fireman's helmet, and a sailor hat. Mr Pottle is lonely, and he dreams of meeting his wife -- who will be wearing a perfect hat!

My students loved this very sweet story. After reading it, we did word problems about how many hats would be needed in different situations -- for example, if 4 people are feeling very sad how many hats will we need?

As we have been using a variety of books as a springboard to talking about a particular factor we have made charts to help us explore patterns. I have been impressed at my struggling mathematicians who are starting to identify the patterns that they see in the products. While we could do this without math literature, why would we?! I absolutely love being able to use these stories and my students, who love books, are so engaged!

I'm excited to share with you next time about how we used the book "Snowflake Bentley!" 

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