Fiction Friday

During the past few summers I have enjoyed being part of a linky called Fiction Friday. Not only do I love to get new book recommendations from other teachers I also enjoy sharing my own finds. I decided it's time I did some fiction Friday posts here on my own blog, and I am hoping some of you will share what you have been reading in your classroom. I'm not going to write summaries of the stories, just bring to your attention some books we are enjoying this year.

I read this classic to both of my classes as part of preparing to teach my "Chocolate Economics" unit in social studies. If you use this one it helps to familiarize students with the story of King Midas - mine had never heard that tale.

This is my current read - aloud book, chosen because I loved it when I read it this fall. Each chapter tells the story of one of the characters, and my home-room students are enjoying putting the pieces together to find out who each person is and how they are connected to others in the story.

Please share what you are reading and loving!

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