Fiction Friday 2

I'm back for a second edition of Fiction Friday, where I recommend a couple books that are good classroom reads. Today is an all day literacy event at my school, so I am blessed to be able to spend all day reading with my students. FUN!

A few weeks ago my school had the privilege of having an author visit our 3rd through 5th grades. Chris Grabenstein is the author of "Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library," which was selected this year as one of our Sunshine State Young Reader Awards books.You can find out more about Chris at his website here. To get him to our school, our media specialist only had to purchase a certain number of book copies at $5 each and resell them to students and staff. No problem -- the demand was so high she had to order more!

This event set of a flurry of reading for my students. Somehow when you meet the author your interest in his book goes way up! I had not read the book myself until I got my signed copy, and then I flew through it quickly. It is a fun story for adults too, who will recognize more of the book references than students will.

OK, confession time. Until recently I had only seen the movie of this story (actually both of them). My teaching partner loves this book and kept talking about using it with our students. I decided I had better order it and read it -- I did that first before I confessed to her my deep dark secret! And when I read it, of course I loved it.

Today we celebrate Literacy Week with bell - to - bell reading. We decided to include some themed activities to go with her reading of this book with our students, so I will be teaching them to make "traveling s'mores" and we will be dipping some pretzels and nilla wafers into melted chocolate. Hopefully we survive the sugar rush!

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  1. I am so glad I found your blog this morning. I have been scrolling through your Fiction Friday posts and making a note of books I want to read. I will look for you on Goodreads.

    I am also inspired by your writing.

    Artistry of Education


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