Math Lit: Two of Everything

This is a book that has been in my classroom for a couple of years, but somehow I had overlooked it until about a week ago! Never again -- this old Chinese folktale is a fun book for introducing multiplication with a factor of 2.

Mr. Haktak finds a pot buried in the earth while digging vegetables. It turns out that anything that goes into the pot gets doubled. Mr. and Mrs. Haktak realize that they can keep putting in gold coins, and soon the floor is covered with coins! However, in a small accident Mrs. Haktak falls into the pot and is doubled -- and then Mr. Haktak also falls in. Don't worry -- it all works out :)

This book is great for primary students working on doubles facts and for intermediate students working on multiplication by the factor 2. To give my students practice relating the new multiplication concept to the doubles facts that they already know (OK, several of them don't), I gave them gold coins to double. They wrote the addition fact first, then the multiplication fact.

This can be done with counters, but I also made some cards for them to use. I'm sharing them with you today to use with this book. If you can't find a copy, you could make up a story about the magic pot and still use the cards. Just click on the picture below to get a set. With twelve cards, I just made a set for each table to work with. Rather than use up copies for a record sheet, students wrote in their interactive math notebooks.

Do you know any other great books for doubles / twos?

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