Math Lit: Sir Cumference and the Off The Charts Dessert

I enjoy reading books by Cindy Neuschwander to my students. I've already written about Sir Cumference and all the King's Tens here; today I am sharing my newest book.

I recently used this book to introduce collecting and displaying data (3.MD.2.3). The story of a contest between two bakers to prove who has the best sweet treat provides the context for keeping track of the votes for each product. It is an engaging story which my students enjoyed. The story includes picture graphs, tally charts, pie charts, and bar graphs.

To help my kiddos learn about these ways to display their data I put together a simple page for them to complete as we read the book. They gathered on the rug for our math meeting with their pencils and clipboards. We filled in the page as we read, then they put it in their math notebooks. I'm sharing it with you today for use with this book. If you don't have the book yet, you can click the picture below to pick it up from Amazon.

To get your freebie, click this picture:

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