Math Lit: The Great Graph Contest

This is another wonderful book by Loreen Leedy. It was a new purchase during this school year, and my third graders gave it a big thumbs up!

Gonk and Beezy (a toad and a lizard) get into a contest to see who creates the best graphs. Along the way they demonstrate collecting data and displaying it. This could be a great introduction to data concepts. I chose to use it after we had some experiences with data, letting students identify what type of organizer was being used (the book has Venn diagrams, circle graphs, picture graphs, and bar graphs). At the end of the book there are ideas for using the content also.

The story is told with cartoons, thought bubbles, even photographs. My kiddos were very engaged with the action. This year we revisit this topic during each math unit, so this is a great resource to come back to throughout our learning.

Do you have a favorite book about graphing?

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  1. Love Loreen Leedy's books, and this is one I use every year! I would have picked this as my favorite one, too. :0) Thanks for sharing!



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