Math Lit: Counting on Pablo

One day recently we were exploring multiples of five in our math lesson. After working with a hands-on activity where we were putting 5 pennies into a given number of piggy banks and then working with a 50 chart (in a plastic page protector) to look at the patterns created by the multiples of five we gathered for our math meeting and I read this book to them:

The math concept in this book is skip counting, and in the story the produce for the market is counted by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s. I had students bring their 50 charts to the rug and put them on clipboards. As I read the book we circled numbers to show the counting. I probably should have put a 100 chart in the page protector also just to make it easier (note to self for next time). I felt that using the story really enhanced our exploration of number patterns in multiplication.

Do you have a favorite books for skip counting? Comment below.

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