Fun With STEM

When my grade level team met for pre-planning the math teachers had to discuss and set a goal to meet the objectives laid out by our district and school. We decided that our goal will be to begin doing STEM activities on a monthly basis.

I'm really on board with this; I had already determined that I wanted to do this over the summer. So, we had a learning activity in both August and September.

In August we did this awesome cup stacking challenge. Students worked together to build the highest tower they could. It was a great opportunity to get them working together in a team.


At the end they concluded that the foundation made all the difference in being successful builders.

Our September challenge also involved building a tower but it was very different from the first challenge. This time each team was given 20 pieces of spaghetti, 1 yard of tape, 1 yard of string, and 1 large marshmallow. The challenge was to build a tower that would hold up the marshmallow. Also, the tower had to stand up by itself! I teach two classes, so a total of 8 teams attempted this challenge and only two were successful. It was even better than the first -- so much problem solving going on, lots of great discussion about what to try. They had 18 minutes to complete their tower.



Both of these challenges were found online at other blogger's sites. Check out my Pinterest STEM board here to see these and other ideas I have pinned.

Are you incorporating STEM this year?

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