Week Three

Somehow I never got around to writing this post on the weekend, so am up early on Monday morning typing away! Week three was a short week with the holiday, but we packed in a lot like always.

First, a chuckle: We are a uniform district; one of my boys came to school Friday without his uniform shirt. Since it was the second Friday in a row that he was out of uniform I asked him why. His response: because my brother peed on all the clothes! Another kiddos immediate response: BEST  EXCUSE EVER!!

My students are so excited to start the BYOD program; we had to get their logins done first though. Over the week I was able to get all but four of the 36 students on a computer in my classroom and walk them through how to change their password to comply with district policy. Then on the weekend I spent a long time making a one page cheat sheet for each student with their log in information for most of the websites we regularly use. Today is the big day; I can't wait to see how many of them bring their mobile device!

In science we did a follow - up inquiry to find out what ingredient in taco sauce was cleaning our dirty pennies (we had already tested our hypothesis that taco sauce WILL clean pennies). We tested salt, vinegar, water, and tomato puree. Our conclusion: tomato puree by itself will clean the pennies.

I was introducing collecting, displaying, and interpreting data this week in both science and math, so I used a fantastic math text. The activity page I made (in picture) was a big hit! It helped kids track what was happening in the story and gave them practice with tally tables, picture graphs, pie charts, and bar graphs. Totally a keeper lesson! Don't you love it when something new works so well?
I have a blog post scheduled about the book on my Tuesday math lit series.

Hope your week was wonderful. I'm gearing up to start week 5, which means it is almost time for progress reports (unbelievable!).

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