Week Four and Still Standing!

I'm a bit late with this post, thanks to leaving my camera at school on Friday. I really wanted to write about the Oreo Cookie Stacking Project and needed my pictures!

This was a week of becoming more exhausted; I put in mostly ten hour days, and feel that I am not even beginning to catch up. It's all I can do to get ready for the immediate lessons -- all the extra stuff is not getting done! You know, doing my self-evaluation and writing my professional development plan -- the one I'll be evaluated on, as well as looking at the data from my students more in depth and planning instruction and small groups. Most days I go home and tell my husband how horrible it is and that I need a new job (attitude much!)! This weekend I told him I'm going to Peru (I saw a getaway on Groupon). Will it get better? I sure hope so. I've got a good bunch of kids, thankfully.

So, it had been a few years since I had done the Oreo Stacking Project from Projects by Jen. Someone mentioned it on their blog, and I immediately was reminded of how much fun it always was. To make it even better, we were just wrapping up some lessons about data and graphing so I knew we could collect the data and work with it :)

 Click to go to the project info page

I had four packages of oreos, so put the kids into small groups and they took turns stacking. It's a very fast paced activity, and the onlookers were keeping count of how many cookies in the tower, so they didn't mind waiting. Here are a few pictures of their efforts:




They reported their number to me and I made a frequency table. The highest stack had 26 cookies, and the smallest had 9. The project definitely can be used for mean, median, mode  -- not 3rd grade standards, so we did not do that but I have done it in the past when it was included in our FL standards.

Their first assignment with the data is to turn the frequency table into a tally table. Next they will be creating graphs with it. They are loving this because it is their own data rather than something in a book.

Have you ever done this project?


  1. The activity "Still Standing" seems fun and eatable for the students. The students demonstrated building a tower out of Oreo Cookies by continuing to apply the cookies on each other. This activity represented using numbers and measurement by determining the height and width of the tower. This is a great interactive assignment for the students.

  2. Afterwards, the students can enjoy the assignment by eating the delicious Oreo cookies once they have successfully completed the assignment.


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