September Currently

It's September! Time to link up with Farley's Currently.

1. Listening: I saw this movie when it came out in 2007, but when I saw it pop up in Amazon streaming I immediately wanted to watch it again. Denzel is my favorite actor.

2. Loving: We had family company this weekend, so I'm grateful for the extra day (they left yesterday) to get the school stuff done!

3. Thinking: My black ink cartridge is fading; gotta get out to Staples today.

4. Wanting: I've got a groupon for a cute little restaurant; hoping we can go out later.

5. Needing: I'm doing the Work Your Workwear challenge at Get Your Pretty On. Today's outfit is really pretty, but I'm missing the print blouse - one more errand for today.

6. 3 Trips: I went to Italy and Greece three years ago. If I ever have the chance to go back to Europe I would love to visit Spain. After cruising to Alaska this summer I'm hoping for a Caribbean cruise in my future. Yes, total baseball fan! Someday maybe I can get to the rest of the stadiums :)


  1. I forgot all about Alaska! I totally should have chosen that as one of my trips!

    Love your blog! It's ironic that the two blogs before me in the linky are both math blogs. This is the first year in more than 15 that I'm not teaching math!

  2. Good luck with your goal for every MLB stadium! You are going to be travelling around the country for a while! Having lived in Northern Cal for a few years, I have to love AT&T Park in San Fran!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  3. I just signed up for the Work your Workwear Challenge! Sounds fun! Thanks so much for the info. I love going out to eat! Enjoy your lunch!
    Grade 4 Buzz


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