Math Lit: Hottest Coldest Highest Deepest

Happy Tuesday! It's time for a new math lit post, and this week I'm sharing a book I used with my class near the end of the last school year. Hottest Coldest Highest Deepest is by Steve Jenkins (you may be familiar with some of his books; this one was a new one for me last spring).

This book takes students all over the world to the most extreme places on Earth. My kids were fascinated by the information about the snowiest place on earth, the deepest lake on earth, and other extremes. It's a great book for math because of all the measurements that are included in the book. This works well with comparing numbers activities so for this year I made a little activity for my students to do using mountains and rivers. They will cut out the information strips and put them in order, then glue them to construction paper. Since I made one for mountains and one for rivers I will probably use them at different times to go largest to smallest and smallest to largest.

While I made it to go with reading the book, it can also be a stand-alone activity so I'm going to share it with you. If you have the book or can get it I highly recommend it, though! The mountains have pictures, and the rivers are just black and white print for those who don't want to use color printing. Just click the picture to download your freebie!

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