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Just a few more hours of the Back to School sale at Teachers Pay Teachers; have you shopped yet? Up to 28% off makes for some good deals! Be sure to check out the links by clicking the picture above to see what others purchased.

I'm linking with Blog Hoppin to share what I purchased this morning:

Dealing with Math Homework: 3rd Grade Math Card Games Unit

I put this one on my wish list as soon as I saw it! I love the idea of having my kids use playing cards to practice math at home so I'm adding a deck of cards to the supply list that goes home next week at Open House.

3rd Grade Common Core Math Quick Checks {Easy Assessment i

I purchased Clutter-Free Classrooms 3rd grade assessment pack during the last sale and absolutely love it, so when I saw these quick assessments I knew I had to add those to my repertoire.

STEM Your Nest : An Engineering Energizer
STEM Activity Challenge Film Canister Rocket 3rd-5th grade

STEM Activity Challenge Levitating ping pong ball 3rd - 5th grade

I want to try STEM challenges this year in science class, so ordered some things to help get me started.

Discussion Starters for Math Problem Solving: Questions fo

I came a long way last year in math talk but want to keep heading in the right direction. Angela Watson's materials are always exemplary.

Movie Response Pack {9 Printables to Use With Movies!}

My already strict district is implementing an even stricter movie policy. I want to be sure I can show learning with the movies I like to use so I've had this packet on my wish list all summer. I'm looking forward to using it.

What did you buy at the sale?


  1. Wow, I love your Math and Science buys!

  2. I picked up the 3rd grade math homework pack as well and can't wait to use it both in class and as homework!

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