Saturday Savings: Finding Free Apps

Mobile devices add so much to our classrooms, but how do you find good content to use? When I read a recommendation by another blogger I often go ahead and download the app and give it a try. Sometimes it's a keeper, sometimes not. Sometimes it's great for me personally but not something to use in my class.

One of my favorite ways to find out about free apps is with an app called appsgonefree, available in the iTunes store and for Android.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Each day this app will list free apps -- free for that day. I always take a moment to scroll through, and have added some great apps to my iPad and iPhone this way. The app is definitely worth checking out.

How do you find free apps?

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  1. This app leads me to more freebies than anything else! I have found some of my best math apps to use with kids on here!

    The Math Maniac


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