Monday Made It: August 4th

It's the last Monday Made It before I go back to work! I'll miss the weekly linky, but hope to contribute on a monthly basis a little better than I did last year :)

Number one is an "I put it together" made it. I decided to try having mailboxes this year, so I ordered these from Really Good Stuff. Since I teach two classes with a total of 36 students I ordered the pack of 3 for 27 mailboxes and added on a single unit to get 9 more. I'm not totally sure how I'm going to use them -- some things are best decided with a little trial and error!

I had a huge home made-it this week! Last Tuesday I spent about 5 hours at my Quilt Guild's weekly sit and sew, and I finished my quilt top. It was fun to finish it there, with the ladies cheering me on and telling me how pretty it is. Kind of like this linky, it seems easier to get more done when you join with others.


The last couple years I've done the bags of popcorn (for popping in) at Open House, and felt like changing it up this year. I saw these tags from Teach With Laughter and knew they would be perfect. I decided I will punch a hole in the corner and bend the glow sticks right before families arrive in the classroom. 

When I was in my classroom last week I made a green screen area to use for making videos with my new Veescope app on the iPad. Of course, I won't have the sheet up when we are not shooting! Note the attachment I got from Amazon for my tripod -- it holds the iPad! With the help of my granddaughter I shot my first book talk video and will show it to my students the first week of school.

I saw this great chevron duck tape and just had to have it! I used it to cover a box I had been saving for a suggestion box. I encourage my kids to suggest books for our classroom library and plan to use this box to keep their index cards with their requests organized (otherwise I tend to misplace them!).


  1. I love your projects! I've always wanted to do mailboxes but they're so expensive. I love your idea for the glow sticks. The kids will love those! And that quilt is absolutely beautiful! Great work!

  2. I'd love to know what you got to hold you iPad on your tripod! I shot a few videos with it last year, but it was so hard to hold!

    What I Have Learned

    1. Jessica, here's a link to the one I bought:


  3. You are such a cool screen to make videos...that's awesome! :)

    The Teaching Thief


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