Math Lit: Ten Times Better

Yesterday I reported back to work for a week of pre-planning, so it seems like a great time to re-start my math lit series. I decided to make it a Tuesday feature this year, changing it from the usual Thursday post last year. I'm excited to begin, because I picked up quite a few new books this summer and have a lot to share! Each week I will spotlight one book that I plan to use in math instruction and I hope to include a few activities along the way also.

This week I am sharing a book that I ordered this summer without ever seeing it, and I am so happy that I purchased it! Ten Times Better includes poems and text by Richard Michelson, with wonderful paintings by Leonard Baskin. A quote from the book jacket:

In dueling poetry, a motley crew of animals argues for the honor of the number each represents. Whether it's a crocodile arguing with an ant or a centipede with a three-toed sloth, each animal is sure that its number is the one to beat!

An understanding of the number 10 is critical for our young mathematicians, and this book is a fun way to explore multiples of 10. In their arguments animals are paired with another who has ten times more of something.

I want my students to find the pattern of the book on their own, so I have created a recording sheet for them to fill our as we read the book. You can click the picture to download a copy.

What are your favorite multiples of ten resources?

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