Saturday Savings: Scotch Expressions

We all spend lots of our own money on our classroom, so I thought I would begin a new (irregular) series with money saving ideas for classroom teachers. I'll be making it a Saturday post, and will blog whenever I know about a good deal!

I picked up a couple rolls of the Scotch Expressions washi tape in Staples a few weeks ago. I like to use tape on my white board to box off areas for different things. I'll be picking up more rolls using this $5 off a $10 purchase coupon that expires in August! Click the picture to go to the coupon and print. You can only use one coupon per day, so enlist a friend or make two trips (that's what I'm doing).


  1. Does the Washi tape leave residue on the whiteboard? I was going to mark mine with painter's tape but I love the cute patterns.

  2. I've never had problems with it leaving residue on anything.



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