Monday Made It: July 7th

It's Monday Made It Time - - - from the Pacific Ocean! Today we are at sea on our cruise out of Seattle. This post was scheduled before we left, and I'm hoping to be able to link up with Tara from the ship :)

First up is my new classroom scale of understanding. We have the same school-wide theme (Oh, The Places You'll Go), so I'm not making huge changes to things for the classroom but I did change my background color and made the statements more kid-friendly.




My home project was getting something more done before Alaska -- buying and installing a bunch of new window screens, and cleaning out the dead leaves and old mulch from last week's project! Notice my herb garden; I am totally in love with mason jars now! Definitely have to do more with them before the end of summer.

I got my Beach Bucket Bingo packet updated and put it in my TPT store! I had a free mini version that I blogged about last year, and always intended to expand it into a paid version. I wasn't sure I could get done before the trip, but I made it!

Next Monday we arrive back in Orlando; until then I'll be enjoying Alaska!

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  1. Your understanding posters are amazing. It is a great idea! Hope you have a great time in Alaska!


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