Monday Made It: July 21st

Back from my Alaskan cruise and excited to link up again! Of course, I didn't get much done - most of my week was recovering from the time change and being up for about 40 hours straight for travel back home:)

My class shares two bathrooms with three other classes. I manage it by using passes; they hang up in the room and students place them on their desks when they use them. We go through 2 - 3 each year, because of use, so I picked up a new pack of foam doorhangers at Michael's this week plus a package of letters, and we are set for the start of the year!

Last year I saw a pin using shower caddies to organize small group things and wanted it right away. Unfortunately, the shower caddies like this are not easy to find during the school year, so I made a mental note to look when the "off to college" supplies were in the stores. Bed, Bath and Beyond advertised these last week, so I grabbed two. One will be for math and one for science. I made the tags, but of course the stuff for inside is all in my classroom at the moment; I'm trying to decide if I want to go to school this week and start pulling my tables back into place! Right before our trip I had picked up a package of zip ties at the dollar store to make sure luggage tags stayed on and they are turning out to be helpful for all kinds of things!

When I got back home last Monday I had a flyer from Walmart - with 50 cent composition books in it! I picked up 20 and took them to OfficeMax to be cut (just $4.63). These are going to be my students' math practice books (homework). This is my first year to use the half notebooks, and I'm excited to see how they work.


  1. An Alaskan cruise sounds like a great vacation. I've always wondered if the half composition books are worth the trouble. I'm curious to see how they work in your class.
    The Traveling Teacher

  2. I think the half composition books are genius! I just bought some composition books from Walmart too. I may need to go get more and have them cut as well.


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