Fiction Friday: July 11th

Here it is .  . . the Alaska edition of Fiction Friday. So far this week we have visited Tracy Arm, Juneau, Sitka, and today we will see Ketchikan. After a stop in Victoria, British Columbia, on Saturday night we'll return to port Sunday morning.

The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen is the first book a a trilogy geared to ages 10 and up. It's an adventure story set in a fictional kingdom, with intrigue and twists in the plot. The main character, Sage, is an orphan recruited by a nobleman to compete to play the part of the dead younger son of the late king. With two other boys he is trained to play the role of Prince Jaron. It seems likely that the losers of the competition will be killed, so even though Sage does not want to be king the alternative puts him in a lot of danger.
I enjoyed the story and plan to request the other to books from the library when I get back from vacation. With such a low price on Amazon I will be getting a copy for my classroom library, too. It's a book that may well appeal to some of the higher level readers. I also plan to use the scholastic book trailer:

And for a different kind of book, I finished Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis. This is historical fiction, set during the Depression in Michigan. Bud is a 10-year-old African American orphan who has bounced around foster homes since his mother died. He carries all his worldly possessions in a beat-up cardboard suitcase. One of his treasures is a flyer advertising a jazz group. Bud becomes convinced that the leader must be the father he never knew. After an encounter with an abusive foster family he decides to run away and find a real family. There is a twist to the story, which I won't spoil for you! I loved this book, especially the character of Bud. It is both funny and touching. This is one that I'm considering as a read-aloud this year. I think a lot of students will relate to Bud's journey, his grit, and the fact he just never gives up. I also want to try my hand at making my own book trailer, maybe in Animoto.

I have a bunch of books on my iPad for the trip, so hopefully I'll have something to share next week -- see you then!

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  1. Hi Julie! Thanks for linking up. The False Prince sounds very intriguing. I am adding that to my list of books to read. After reading your review of Bud, not Buddy, I am definitely going to have to pick that one up too. I've owned that book forever and I've heard great things about it, but I didn't know too much about the story line and simply hadn't picked it up. Hope you had a wonderful trip in Alaska. I'm looking forward to hearing about what books you enjoyed while you relaxed. -Amanda


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