Currently JULY!

What!! Three weeks of summer break gone already? At least I get to link up with Farley for another Currently :)

Ok, there is definitely a them running through this month's Currently!

Listening: every day I listen to the Daily Audio Bible podcast - through the Bible in one year - this is my 4th year through.

Loving: it's been really hot here in central FL in the past week. Our AC compressor is getting quite weak and we just want to get through this summer so we can put aside money and get a new unit installed in the spring. Yesterday was a bit cloudy, and it really helped the indoor temp!

Thinking: I still have so many things to do! We are on an Alaskan cruise starting Sunday.

Wanting: Along with getting ourselves ready, I'd really like to leave everything neat and clean in the house. I hate coming home to a mess after vacation! 

Needing: I've got my clothing pretty well figured out, including taking winter clothes since our winter is similar to Alaska's summer! Today I have to put together stuff for my husband; some things are best not left to him :)

4th of July: We fly out of Orlando that morning and travel all day (about 10 hours) to get to Seattle. Our hotel has an amazing rooftop view, so I'm hoping to see some fireworks if we are not too exhausted.

Happy July!


  1. Have a wonderful time on your cruise! I hope you can also enjoy the long day of travel...maybe download some movies to watch together? Have fun!

  2. Completely jealous of your hot weather but I hope your AC survives it! Your trip sounds great, wishing you a fantastic time!
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