A beach, a bucket . . .

Here I am in Sitka, Alaska. 

Trying not to think about school, but I do want to share this game of Fraction BINGO!

Last year I posted a freebie version of Beach Bucket Bingo, with the intention of expanding the product. It only took a year! The version in my store has 8 different bingo cards.


Math bingo games are one of my favorite things to leave for a sub, along with a box of Os cereal. It's typical for my kiddos to tell me the best thing about the day was the bingo game! This one gives students practice with identifying a representation of the fraction. It includes halves, thirds, fourths,eighths and tenths. You can see it in my store here.

BTW, I really like having my things in color but I know not everyone can do that! This game is just as usable when printed with black ink only.

Fractions was one of the problem areas in my third grade class last year, so I'm making sure I have some activities ready to go this coming year. What do you do to help your kids master fractions?

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