Rounding Numbers Is So Hard! (Freebie Alert)

At least that is what a lot of my 3rd graders think. I had a few students who worked and worked on this concept last year and never did understand what to do. I'm already planning for the coming year, and this is one of the first standards we cover so I put together these in the hope it will help the ones who struggle with this.

I am not planning to make a class set, but will make enough for shoulder partners to share and introduce them in a whole group setting. I envision these being used for the most part in small group work by the students who struggle with rounding.

There are two parts to the visual; print as many copies of the background page as needed. The number lines have five on a page. Laminate, and attach a number line to the top of the background page with a small brad (I used a seam ripper to make small holes to get the brad through). 

For this example we are rounding to the nearest 10. Students use a dry erase marker to write the numbers on the end pieces, the mid point on the number line, and a dot to show where the number would be. The number line is then tilted toward the number -- so in this example, we round to 540.

In this one we are rounding to the nearest hundred. Students, of course, may need to write more of the numbers on the number line to really understand what is being shown.

If you think this might be helpful for your students, click here to download it.

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  1. I love this idea and downloaded it! Some of my students have a really hard time rounding and I think this visual will be really helpful!
    The Teaching Chick


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