Monday Made It: June 9th

So happy to be participating in the weekly linky (I never seem to remember which week during the school year, but I can remember every Monday!). Thanks, Tara -- you have me thinking about projects for the summer as soon as I finish school!

My first one is a bit of a "made -it" stretch, but I did assemble it! A few weeks ago I saw these carts on sale at for $30 and ordered two of them. I haven't decided yet how I will use them in my room, but I love the possibilities with the color coding.
Thursday was our last day, and I invited parents to come for a celebration. Afterwards I had just 7 students for the last 1.5 hours of school. They started playing board games, so I opened up the box and got this put together so I could see it. When I came in the next day for the work day my wonderful custodian had put together the other one for me. 

My first home project is my 2014 hurricane kit! I live in central Florida and we know each year it can happen. I was here for the big year (2004) so I know enough to get prepared. This year we had a tax-free holiday for hurricane supplies, so I picked up a small radio, flashlights, and batteries to go in with the food and water.

Another home project -- my new herb garden! I pinned the idea a few weeks ago from here and finally collected what I needed to get started. I don't usually exhibit a green thumb, but I'm really hoping they grow. I made my tags from I'm Lovin Lit's chalkboard frames.


This one is an on-going project. I'm tired of opening every folder to look for clip art, so I'm putting together a binder showing me what I have. Most creators include a picture that shows everything in the collection thankfully. I've decided to organize by the artist and I'm thinking this is going to really help me make better choices when I'm creating new products.

What have you been making?


  1. I'm always eyeing those drawers! Can't wait to see what you do with them. Maybe I'll bite the bullet, too!
    I fell your pain with having too many items of clip art/papers to sift through! Takes FOREVER!! I may give that a try!
    3rd Grade Pad

  2. I think the binder to organize is a great idea!

  3. I have a plan to make a mini garden in my kitchen. you give me a good idea with your herb garden. show me when it grow :D


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