Monday Made It: June 16th

Monday again already?! Starting my second week of summer today (pause and mourn the week already gone). Actually, I love Mondays in the summer because of the Monday Made It linky!

My first home project; a little hard to tell the magnitude from the picture :) Every year I clean my kitchen during my first week off; this year I didn't get to it until Thursday thanks to a couple PD days. After the annual moving of the refrigerator (the horror!), lots of cleaning and rearranging, I decided to tackle under my sink. I had a couple rolls of the blue shelf liner kicking around so decided to line the whole thing and turn the chaos into order. Now to pick up a new trash can!

                                        Before                                             After

My school project -- another updated product from the early days of blogging! This is my forever free item; first thing to go in my TpT store, and like all those early projects I wanted to redo in ppt and make it a little more attractive and easier to use. Cocoa Beach is about an hour away, so decided to use a photo for my new cover.

Another school project -- one I actually started last summer and never finished! I cut paper and had it laminated last August and there they sat . . . all year long. This week I finally put together my equation mats so I can actually use them with my students. This is an activity from the AIMS website; click here to read the directions. Students use dry erase markers to write on the boxes (and put on dots to turn the operations sign into a division sign!).

I have to cheat a little and give an update on last week's herb garden. It was so exciting to see plants coming up this week! The thyme and basil sprouted in three days.

What did you make this week?

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  1. Wow...I'm so impressed that you clean behind your fridge every year! I'm not sure why I have never thought to do that other than I'm lazy. Good for you! What a neat idea to use an actual pic from the beach. We really do have the best beaches in Florida don't we?
    Happy Monday!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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