June Currently

Woo-hoo! June is here at last. I've got four more days with kids, plus a work day; how 'bout you? Let's celebrate with Farley's June Currently.

1. Love tunein and pandora at the end of a long day! Sometimes it's fun to just reach out and tap without paying attention :)

2. Yep, last week of school coming up. I'm more excited than my students I think!

3. I've had a very creative weekend putting together an activity for the beginning of next school year. Not quite done yet, but I'm feeling very pleased with it.

4. On Thursday I have pizza coming for the kids' lunch and after lunch families are invited to come for my little end - of - year awards ceremony. I have made an Animoto video with pics from our year and will be giving out Candy Bar Awards to all my students. 

5. I'm at that point where I just can't find time for me; just trying to hang in until the week is done so I can finally get to the salon!

6. I have two quilt tops to get quilted, plus a new one just started. I am definitely scheduling sewing time over the summer. I have some professional reading I want to do, but I am also making time for reading for fun. Some years I feel like all I read is stuff for school, and I'm a long time voracious reader! Along with planned new products, I am working on updates to older products in my TpT store. Hoping to get all my early ones freshened up before August.

Do you have a summer bucket list?


  1. I'd love a pedicure right about now too! Maybe I'll add that to my to-do list one school is out.

    Hopefully you get lots of parents at your awards ceremony! It sounds like it should be pretty fun! :)

    Enjoy your last Monday tomorrow!!

  2. Hi Julie,

    Happy last week of school to you!!! I need a pedicure too! I wanted to go today, but I didn't get around to it. I usually treat myself to a mani/pedi once a month when I get paid.

    I hope you have a GREAT turnout for your awards ceremony. The kids love having an audience.

    Trendy in Third

  3. I got a pedicure today, but only because I took my daughter with me. I've been taking her every time I go lately..she's getting spoiled!



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