How About A Free Product? A Win-Win Challenge

Are you using Donor's Choose to help supply your classroom? Over the last few years I have submitted and had funded four projects. I finally wrote up a new project and had it approved this week. I am asking for four Dragon tablets, plus cases, to help with our BYOD classroom!


As I was out on my morning run I was thinking about how I could promote my project. Until July 1st donations will be matched if using the code INSPIRE, so if lots of people would donate my project could be funded very quickly! But how do I encourage donations? Of course I posted to my personal home page, and to the Math is Elementary fan page, but then I started thinking about my blog. I recently topped 400 followers; if less than half my followers would donate just $1 before July 1st and use the code, my project would be fully funded :)

SO . . . here is my challenge to you. A $1 donation with the match code INSPIRE by July 1st will earn you my "We Love Candy Bar Fractions" product for free. I just revamped it, going from 16 pages to 38 pages, and the price is now $5.00. (See it in my store here) Good deal, right?!

In addition, I want to help support other teacher's Donors Choose projects, so I'm going to start this linky and leave it open until August 8th. Please link up your own project. The only rule is that you must make a donation to at least one other project in the linky (any amount!). I am going to give away my June TeachersPayTeachers earnings to support as many as possible.

Wouldn't it be awesome if we all went back to school with a classroom project fully funded? If you don't currently have a project, there is plenty of time to get one approved and link it up.



  1. Good luck with your project! :)

  2. i donated!

  3. I donated. Thank you Julie for your donation! My email is


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