Backup Everything!

This week I read a post by a blogger who had just lost all her clip art and products when her external hard drive crashed. I think we can all feel her pain! It was a good reminder to me that it was time to back up everything again.

How do you protect yourself from that kind of loss? There are a number of ways, including those external hard drives (obviously not foolproof). While I definitely use one, I also try to make sure I have things backed up in the cloud.

One way I do this is to use Dropbox. Mostly I think of it as a way to transfer files from my home computer to school, but of course it is also a way to back up important files that would be devastating to lose. As I write this post I am also backing up my whole blogging file so I don't lose the recent work I have been doing. If you are not using Dropbox, go here to check it out.

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