Math Lit:Perimeter, Area, and Volume


This week's math lit spotlight is on a new book I found this year. We used it in class this week and the kids really liked the story. Here is the amazon description:

This book is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for third-grade, fourth-grade, and fifth-grade mathematics in measurement and data: (3.MD. 5-8), (4.MD. 2-3), and (5.MD. 3-5). 

Grab your jumbo popcorn and 3-D glasses, because you're invited to the premiere of a 3-D movie! The star-studded cast of monsters will help you calculate the perimeter of the set, the area of the movie screen, and the volume of your popcorn box. Learning about dimensions has never been so entertaining.

Like other David Adler books we have read in class, the story hooks students' interest, and is full of math for us to discuss.Since we are now in the post-testing, prepare-for-fourth-grade part of our year, this book was  a great springboard to extend our learning. It comes with my students' recommendation! You can click on the picture above to find it at Amazon.

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