Math Lit: Hamster Champs

OK, I confess; I'm in love with Stuart J. Murphy's MathStart books! I promise I won't use them exclusively for my weekly math lit post, but it's hard to resist when I get a new one. Whenever I pull out a new one in class my students break out in applause -- they have gotten used to loving the story and illustrations (this one illustrated by Pedro Martin) AND talking about the math.

Here is a quick book trailer from YouTube:

The math concept presented in this book is measuring angles. The hamsters build a ramp and then race down a hill in a toy car for their stunt. By changing the angle, they try to get a bigger jump off the ramp -- this story is great for science class too! Right now we are reviewing and doing "get ready for fourth grade" lessons in math class. Murphy's books are great for revisiting concepts in a new way and I am finding that students are very much engaged by the story and excited to do an activity as a follow up. This book is a great springboard for building our own ramps or using catapults to explore what happens when we change the angle. If you don't have this text, you can click the Amazon link at the top of the page to check it. 

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  1. I wasn't familiar with this series. Thank you for the suggestion.


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