Five For Friday

It's been awhile, so I had to comb through a backlog for this one! I have just 8 more days of school after today so wanted to get these pictures out before vacation!

(numbers from Graphics From The Pond)

In a fun role-reversal, I was able to take a day off to go with my granddaughter's class on their 4th grade field trip to Kennedy Space Center. I had not been there for several years, even though it is only about an hour from home. I really enjoyed seeing what was new! And the girls were very well-behaved and a pleasure to spend time with :)

Our leadership team decided to stay with our "The Places You'll Go" theme for next year. Staff voted on which quote to make our focus, and I was glad that the one I voted for won! I went ahead and ordered the wall art from Amazon, and put it up on my wall this week.

I have been organizing for next year like crazy! Tons of labels made and have packed up boxes for each of my science units AND the ones shown here -- my classroom library sorted by topic. I felt disorganized this year every time I needed something for a lesson, so hopefully this will take care of that problem.

My principal asked me to spend a day doing grade level meetings to explain how I tracked student progress this year, and how my students tracked their own progress. I have spruced up my data wall, tweaked my student data sheets, and am almost ready to present some ideas to them!

And finally, our 3rd grade trip to Legoland! This is our third year for this end-of-the-year field trip, and our students have such a good time! Check out our tie dye shirts! I think I shared about those in an earlier post. Every year I worry I won't have chaperones, but parents always seem to come through; I had 4 for my 17 students who went.


  1. Oh data walls! So important but I'm a little over the phrase at the minute- it's our school's new catch phrase. Legoland & the Space Center look amazing.
    Books, Bugs and Boxes

  2. I'd love to see how you keep track of data, too! I'm always looking at new ideas and ways to do it!

    What I Have Learned


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