Test Week: Part Four


Today is the first day of math testing. Since this is my subject, I am especially anxious to see my kids working hard today and tomorrow! I have no idea what the questions are, but it's easy to tell who is putting forth their best effort! 

Today's story is Daisy-Head Mayzie.

I'm going to introduce them to Make Belief Comix after the testing is done. They are definitely going to want to try this out! Technology Tailgate had a blog post about this, and I was immediately intrigued.

Our treat today will be doughnuts. Makes me kind of wish I wasn't eating healthy now! I find that the students are usually in need of a snack after the test, even though we don't normally have one. 

Today after block we are going to do the next lesson in our "Chocolate Economics" curriculum. Last summer our district brought in a trainer for this curriculum; attendees received the book free. Since I truly despise our social studies materials I jumped at the opportunity to try something different for this year. Well, my students are LOVING it! This week we will have a lesson on "opportunity cost" and they get to color pictures (should be relaxing after their hard work). Many of the lessons involve chocolate :) and of course they love that. They keep wishing I'd just hand out the candy at the end, but I tell them it's social studies materials! Clicking the picture will take you to the publishing company if you are interested. You can download the table of contents to get an idea about what is included.

From the web site: Whet your appetite with this tasty curriculum unit designed to sweeten your economics lessons. This unit uses a chocolate theme to teach elementary school lessons that directly correlate with the national content standards in economics. The creative activities are stimulating for young students and allow for active learning. The materials are easy for educators to use as thorough discussions of economic concepts are included. Activities have clear, thorough instructions, and all required game pieces, flash cards, worksheets, and activity cards are included for duplication. Topics include: resources, scarcity, opportunity cost, economic decision making, barter trade and exchange, interdependence (and applications to the global marketplace), producers, and consumers. Children's literature is incorporated.

I've never had so much fun teaching the economics standards! 

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