Test Week: Part Five

A quick flashback to our first day of testing. As kids came into the building on Tuesday morning they were greeted with this:

They walked the red carpet all the way to their classrooms This is the doorway to my room:

And this sign was posted on each door:

It was a fun way to start the day! There were also "Oscar" cutouts on the doors; I forgot to take a picture of that, though.

We have made it to the final day - the second session of the math test. When I take my testing box down to turn it in I'll be picking up popsicles out of the freezer as today's surprise! It's been a long week and our brains are tired. What better way to celebrate than with a brain freeze!

In the afternoon we will watch "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and complete this book vs. movie worksheet from Rachel Lynette at Minds In Bloom. This is a great activity to go with any book / movie combination, and a simple way to incorporate the necessary educational focus to movie watching!


I'm glad to finish, but one of my kids told me he wished everyday was FCAT! It was totally because of the treats :)

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