Math Lit: Three Pigs, One Wolf, and Seven Magic Shapes

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Next week is the TEST! I wasn't sure I'd get my math lit post written this week, but I really wanted to share this one -- I always save it for this time of year because it is so much fun! I love for my students to have a set of tangrams so they can build the shapes as I read.

I have a class set of plastic ones so I get those out for the first time when I read the book. Of course, you can make your own out of card stock too.
Today I made these using the pattern at the back of the book. I added the numbers for another activity that has students composing shapes with a given value. Our math coach came in and did this activity a couple days ago.

The first two challenges were to create a triangle with two pieces that has a value of 10 and to create a square with a value of 9. My kids loved it! 

To follow up this activity we will read the book on Monday (testing starts Tuesday) and build the shapes in the story, then work more on these worksheets (there were a total of 8 challenges but we only had time for a couple). 

Do you have favorite tangram activities?


  1. I love tangrams! There are several great literature connections as well. Have you used Grandfather Tang's Story or A Whale of a Tale?

    The Math Maniac

  2. I use Grandfather Tang; am not familiar with the other. Going to amazon to check it out!



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