Math Lit: Room for Ripley

The first math lessons we did after the state test were on capacity. One of my newest Stuart J. Murphy books covers that concept using cups, pints, quarts, half gallons, and gallons. This is such a good follow-up, because we learned only liters in the lesson. While CCSS seems to go totally metric here, I'm pretty sure that we will still need to know the units we use here in the United States -- otherwise cooking is going to be quite difficult :)

Fortunately I have the ability for the last few weeks of school to include a variety of math activities; this book will be a great springboard to the famous "Gallon Man!" This year I'm trying out this one from Laura Candler at Corkboard Connections:  

You can pick this freebie up from her file cabinet here. My students are loving it when I pull out a craftivity at this time of year.

In "Room for Ripley" Carlos loves going to the pet store to visit on of the guppies - and had named him Ripley. He wants to use his allowance to buy Ripley, but first must prepare a home for him. This involves measurement of the water, with the discovery of the equivalencies between cups, pints, etc.

I gathered several containers for our study of liquid volume, and we will do some comparing as we add these new measurements. I get everything from my recycling bin; teachers are the best at re-using!

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