Math Lit: Earth Day - Hooray!

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I wanted to be sure to get this post out early enough for you to pick up this book if you're interested! It is another Stuart J. Murphy MathStart book, this time highlighting place value.

In this book the "Save the Planet Club" wants to buy flowers for a nearby park. They decide to collect and recycle aluminum cans. They need 5,000! It's really hard to count up that many cans but they learn to use place value to organize them.

With the information about recycling all through the book, it's great for Earth Day or anytime you are doing a lesson on reusing / recycling. This is one of my recent purchases, and it's definitely on the menu for April 22nd this year. Since the previous week is our state testing, I want books and activities that will be FUN :)

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  1. I love this book! I always use it to start my place value unit! Thanks for linking up!!


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