Five For Friday

After a crazy couple of weeks for state testing, things are beginning to get back to normal! Time to link up again with Doodlebugs Teaching for five random things.

My week started with a family tradition -- Easter morning egg hunt at Grandma's house!

At school my students tied their field trip shirts and I took them home to dye. This is the big reveal! Our trip to Legoland is in two weeks; we'll wear these that day and also for our field day.

My teaching partner made this adorable baskets with the kids. In honor of Earth Day, they are made from 2L soda bottles!

We added these to our Interactive Notebooks in science. I always seem to take so long with plants; I think it is because of all the interruptions with testing :)

Our Earth Day craftivity turned out great, as always! The earth is marble painted, I take pics of each student with the Lorax mustache, a little writing -- and we have a fun activity.


  1. Those plastic bottle baskets are adorable! Do you have directions for them?

  2. The way she described it was: cut down the side of the bottle, cut around for the basket, cut around what's left for the handle, punch holes and use fasteners. Sounds simple; haven't tried it myself.


  3. Hi Julie! I love the parts of a plant activity for their interactive notebooks. And it's the same for me - trying to get any Science/Social Studies done around testing time is very hard. But our testing is over, and I can't wait to do lots of Science and S.S. now! Glad I found you on the 5 for Friday linky.

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