Math Lit: Shape Up! by David Adler

I recently discovered this book by David Adler and decided it would make a great introduction to our geometry study. On the day I used it in class my kids left saying "best class ever!" We really enjoyed it. To prepare, I got a loaf of bread, a package of sliced cheese, a bag of pretzel sticks, toothpicks, plastic knives, and paper plates. As I read the book we did some of the activities.

The first one involved the cheese; using a toothpick we made three dots in the cheese. Then we used the toothpick to connect the dots, which cut out the shape. A few examples:


I quickly learned that we needed to keep the cheese on the plastic wrapper or it would stick to the plate and make it difficult to get our triangle :) After making cheese triangles (introducing scalene triangles) we made triangles from the pretzel sticks - both equilateral and isosceles.

If you are looking for a good book to use when teaching geometry, I recommend this one. 

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  1. I love this book! I always use some of the activities during my geometry centers with fifth graders.

    The Math Maniac


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