March Currently

Time for a new Currently from Oh Boy Fourth Grade!

Listening: Every morning on my drive to work I listen to the Daily Audio Bible podcast. On the weekend I listen in iTunes. It helps get my day off to the right start, and I love that this is my 4th year of going through the entire Bible.

Loving: After a few very cold days, we definitely see spring here in Central Florida. I love it when the trees bloom. Best of all, we still have some temps in the 70s rather than all 80s (though we do have those too!).

Thinking: I started the Daniel Plan on February 1. It's a plan for living a healthy lifestyle. As someone who has been addicted to sugar, fat, gluten, etc., it's a big change. I am really loving eating healthy though! My taste buds are changing, and I'm enjoying things I would never eat before.

Wanting: After having cataracts removed in December, it has been a long and frustrating journey to be able to see! Right now I'm in the process of using monovision contact lenses -- lots of trial and error to find the right ones. I wish there was a magic button :)

Needing: Part of the Daniel Plan is fitness, and I've been trying to get moving! The last two weeks I met my goal of walking three times per week, but I need to increase in March. Thinking about whether I want to do the Couch to 5K again.

What is the question? Guesses go in the comments :)


  1. Oh goll, it sounds AMAZING in Florida. Currently we have snow up to my chest :( I think it's safe to say spring is a very ways out of us. Enjoy the blooms and beautiful weather! Also, congrats on the new eating plan. That takes amazing will power to make such huge adjustments. Jealous of your will power but excited for your success!

    Is your question, "A favorite quote?" or "Your classroom 'mantra'?" hehe

    Tales of a Teacher

    1. It is the title of a great book I read in February, by John Maxwell. I think it might be a quote in my classroom soon, though!

  2. Your ??? definitely sounds like something I would say to my class! LOL!
    I think I need to read up more on the Daniel Plan- it sounds like something I need in my life! Thanks for sharing.


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