Five for Friday

Linking up some random things from the week!

I bought some packets from Clutter Free Classroom during the big TPT sale. This is my kiddos using the 3rd grade math vocabulary packet on the day I introduced angles. Love it! I shrunk down the cards to fit in their interactive math notebooks.

This is my  "El Gato's Hats" activity for measurement. My students thought it was amazing to have so many different hats to measure!

Bet you can't guess what this is! My classroom is in the upstairs of the building in the background; I thought this would make a great cage for unruly students :) Actually, it is a duck trap. We had a family of ducks move onto campus and animal control had to trap them and remove them.

We read the book "How Big is A Foot" and used my "king's feet" and "apprentice feet" to measure for beds.

And in keeping with the measurement theme, some non-standard measurement with craft sticks. They measured classroom objects with the sticks and with their rulers.


  1. That duck trap is so funny! My school is beside a spare block of land and we often get snakes in the playground, kookaburras on the lunch tables and there's kangaroos hopping through every day (a family of 3 lives behind the Year 2 building!). We've never had to set traps for anything though - Steve Irwin's zoo (Australia Zoo) is right up the road so their conservationist come and get anything dangerous, sick or lost. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!


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