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Happy Valentine's Day

I hope something made the day special for you. The hubby and I had dinner out at a favorite restaurant. It was a bit of a challenge for me, since I started on The Daniel Plan two weeks ago. I'm loving the healthy eating!


Fractions are tough in third grade. Every year it seems like I have to teach them so quickly, but it takes students quite awhile to process the concepts. They need lots of practice, obviously. I wanted something new for them to practice comparing and ordering so I put together an activity with a Valentine theme for them.

I picked up some packages of valentines at the Dollar Tree - if you don't have a dollar store, you may want to stock up after the holiday for next year. I printed out some fraction models with labels and glued them to the back of the valentines. After laminating and cutting, they are ready to sort.

Walmart has these cute Valentine buckets with tops (again, you might want to check for them after the 14th). I labeled them "greater than 1/2", "equal to 1/2", and "less than 1/2". The cards are stored in a gift bag - students just dump them out, sort, and then put them back in the bag.


Product Details

My kids loved this book by David Adler. One of the activities in it was these paper plate pizzas. Great for comparing fractions! 


In keeping with the fraction theme, we explored with our fraction bars - both these concrete ones and our online virtual fraction bars. Fractions are always so hard in third grade, but using the manipulatives helps.


My intervention group had a fantastic time playing a multiplication game from Pitner's Poupourri. Click the picture to get this great freebie from her blog. 


And finally, this is why I couldn't post until after school today! We had a great field trip to the Environmental Center, which is operated by our school district. Our morning was spent learning about fossils:


Check out the mammoth tooth fossil!

The kids got to go into one square of this grid and find as many fossils as they could.

After counting and sorting back in the classroom, they could choose three to take home.


  1. Hello! I found you through the Five For Friday link-up. I love the field trip with the fossils! Also, I love Florida - it's warm and sunny. I live north of Boston where it's cold and snowy. Since I teach 3rd grade, too, I'm your newest follower as well.

  2. Welcome Susan! I grew up in VT, so I know about that cold and snowy stuff :)

  3. What a fun way to focus fraction work on the holiday! Love your ideas:)

    The Math Maniac


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