Math Lit: Divide and Ride

In the story Divide and Ride eleven friends go to the carnival together. They find that to ride the rides they must divide up and fill up the seats. As you may guess, dividing 11 presents some challenges! 

With my 3rd grade class finishing our division lessons in early January, I wanted to use this book to take them to the next step - remainders. I put together a packet to use, which I have uploaded to my TPT store ($2). Click the picture below to take a look.

My students seemed to enjoy the activity, and the story. I took a few photos of them at work. In my packet I suggest having students solve the problems before you read the book to them. It went very well in my room. I had them work with their shoulder partners to solve the division for one of the four rides.

I printed out mats in black and white to try them out; my students were unanimously in favor of my printing in color and laminating. One girl told me that the color ones keep them interested :)

When I read the story to them, they were so pleased that the book had the same solutions that they had come to! 


  1. My students love the color too - I just wish there was a way to print color cheaper - I probably need to just buy stock in color cartridges - lol!

    1. All my Staples rewards go to color cartridges!

  2. It is amazing how much better they look in color! Great ideas.


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