Five For Friday: January 10th

My first Five for the new year, since I couldn't get my act together during vacation to post one! These are some pictures from our first week back to school.

We made this little foldable to go in our Interactive Science Notebooks. Since it was the first time to do this folding, I made a template for them. Next time we do it all ourselves!

We started our multiplication facts 1 minute challenge! Kids are loving that they can earn a brag tag for successful completion of each. Easy facts first, of course, to build up their confidence.

I'm four weeks out from my first eye surgery and two weeks from the second. I wake up in the morning, and my eyesight is different from the day before! This is my collection of reading glasses in different strengths. I have to carry them all with me for whatever I need to see -- the students think it's crazy!

Science notebooks are going well so now I'm trying to develop my Interactive Math Notebooks. These are a couple little foldables I was playing with this week.

OK, so I know a lot of you were snowed in this week and had extra days off. Here in Central Florida we had a terrible cold snap also. It was on Tuesday, and temps were in the 30s and 40s. We just about froze -- had to get out socks to wear with our flip flops :)

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