Hello Peeps!

I was on spring break this week :) and tried not to do too much school related stuff, but I did have to use these cute peeps from Creative Clips to put together an activity for the coming week. When I go back on Monday I have a teacher workday, then four days with the students. Friday is an all - day science fest, and Tuesday and Wednesday I will be giving my end of the year formative math test. Two weeks from Monday we begin the state testing (four days for 3rd grade).

My plan for the time left before testing is to do lots of math games / workstations to cover most of the concepts from third grade math. We are still being tested on our state standards this year and next. I've collected some new activities through my blog stalking since I'd like to mix in some new with the tried and true. The free Peeps clip art inspired me to put together a quick matching game to review some multiplication facts.

You can download the Matching Peeps for yourself by clicking the picture. Enjoy!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


Thursday Techday: This One's For Teachers

I recently came across an app that I now check every day. Have you seen AppsGoneFree? Every day they  list paid apps that are free for the day.

While there are many apps that are offered for free to try to get customers excited, with this app they have already been checked out and the best few are listed. Many days that means about 10 apps. Some days there is nothing that interests me, other days I may download two or three to check out. I have found some for me personally and some to use in the classroom. Recently I've downloaded a couple great interactive books, a grammar game and much to a certain first grader's delight the paid version of Angry Birds!

Every day I get a little pop-up notice that the newest freebies are available and I can browse through them. There is a brief description of each, and tapping on them takes me right to the download. It has quickly become a favorite app; when I first got my iPad I was always hunting for free apps and now I just check out AppsGoneFree for a couple minutes daily!


Life Science and Literature Connection

We are learning about plants in science right now. Are you familiar with the book Tops & Bottoms by Janet Stevens? I had heard of the book, but this is the first year I decided to use it in my classroom. After picking up a copy and reading through it I decided I had to make an activity to go along with it, then try it out with my students.

I divided my class into three groups with six students per group. Next year I think I'll do groups of four or five students -- all you need is more sets of the activity cards. As I read the book (with lots of drama!) I did not show the illustrations. Before reading the page that tells what was planted I stopped and had students choose the cards they thought illustrated what was happening. There are lots of extra cards, so they can discuss in their group what they think should be used. After I read the page, they would switch out cards to match the story.

My activity was a huge hit -- the kids thought it was totally fun. They had great suggestions for making it even better, and I have incorporated those into the final product. I'd love for you to try it in your classroom and leave me a comment.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

We're Going To Party Like It's My Birthday . . .

. . . because it is! And in honor of me, I will give away my Bouquet of Fractions pack and El Gato's Hats (measurement) to the first person who leaves a comment correctly guessing my age!

I took the day off from school, and am looking forward to going to get my hair done, maybe a little bit of shopping, and lunch with a special person. Last year was my first time to take my birthday off; it used to always fall during our state testing. I was so happy when testing moved to April! I've decided that taking my birthday off will be my practice through the rest of my teaching career if at all possible :)

Manic Monday: An Updated Product

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Back in October I posted a little multiplication matching game with a fall theme. I wanted to pull it out again for some of my struggling students in intervention group, but I just can't use products from the wrong season! I did a quick update this weekend to give it a spring theme, and voila! Here it is for you:


Happy Saturday and a Lucky Freebie

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

What a week! So glad to have a weekend, though I was totally shocked Friday afternoon when I heard we "spring forward" this weekend.

My kids love getting homework passes, so I put together one for St. Patrick's Day. With just two weeks before spring break we are all tired; I have a feeling these will get used! Just click the picture to download it for yourself.


Thursday Techday: Our New Favorite APP

My 3rd graders pretty much love anything that is on the iPad. How I wish I had one for each of them instead of only one! Recently I introduced them to a new app and we have totally fallen in love with it. If you haven't tried it out yet I highly recommend it. It is called "Face Talker" and is available for FREE in the iTunes store. It's available for both iPad and iPhone.

This app makes biography projects so much fun. We have just finished our President's Day projects. Each student was assigned a president and researched him using Fact Monster. They then chose about three facts to share. Using pictures that we downloaded from Discovery Education (you could use any copyright friendly site), they created their project. Here are examples of students' work.

We have also done a math project with Face Talker. Students drew polygons, colored and cut them out, and we photographed them with the iPad. They then made videos about their polygon, describing the properties of each shape.

This is so much fun that I'm sure we will come up with other projects between now and the end of school. Have you done anything like this with your students? Please share in the comments.


Facebook Linky

Tammy over at 1..2..3..Teach With Me has a great facebook linky going on. If you are like me and follow blogs but forget to follow facebook pages, this one is for you. Link up and discover some new pages to follow.

March Currently

I'm linking up with Farley for the March Currently.

Listening & Loving: I love me some Red Sox!

Thinking: I keep getting inspired by all the people who are organizing stuff! I have now completely re-organized the master bathroom; next up is the second bathroom.

Wanting: It's cold in FL right now; why on earth would we want ice cream?!

Needing: If I don't plan on the weekend nothing gets done :) I spent some time this weekend trying to make a couple new organization worksheets. I'll try them out, and if I like them I'll share later.

Like: my Julie's Hand font that I made with ifontmaker -- I'm using it a lot
Love: my grandchildren!
Hate: all the junk I have in my storage shed. Every summer I try to clean and reorganize. This year I need to do a major purge.


A Bouquet of Fractions

We wrapped up our two chapters on fractions a while ago, but oh my! What a difficult concept for my third graders. They do very little work with fractions prior to 3rd grade, so almost everything is new to them. 

Because of that I need to keep fraction activities going in my math work stations for a long while. To address that, I put together this pack of four different fraction activities for them. I wanted a theme that could go through the rest of the year, so there are lots of pretty flowers! 

I have recently given away a couple copies of this, but I just finally got it into my TpT store. You can click on the picture to check it out -- it's available for $4.

Also, another great giveaway is going on over at My Journey to 5th Grade. Click the pic and check it out.



No one guessed my favorite Seuss book, so I asked Mr. Math is Elementary to pick a number . . . and I am sending my El Gato's Hats product to Therese, who guessed The Lorax. Therese, please send me your email to claim your prize!

Also, the winner of the Day Seven giveaway -- for the Classroom Friendly awesome Pencil Sharpener, has not responded to my emails. Therefore, Rafflecopter has selected a new winner: congratulations to Wendy M. I'm sending an email now; I do hope you will respond!

And the favorite Seuss book: Hop on Pop. I know, sounds like a weird choice :) It is the book that we read over and over to our little boys (who are 30-somethings now) and the words "Stop! You must not hop on Pop" became part of our family! Now we say that to our grandchildren.

Another Fabulous Giveaway

Amelia at Where The Wild Things Learn is celebrating 100 followers. Her giveaway includes items from 9 other bloggers, including yours truly. I am giving away any item from my store (click here to browse!). Stop by and enter the giveaway by clicking on the picture.

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